Online retailing was a distant concept in India few years back. However, with the advent of faster internet connectivity and smart phones, the way how consumers shop has changed drastically. The festive seasons like the dusshera and Diwali have many more consumers logging on to internet, to shop for everything – be it apparels, accessories and tickets. Though there are many brands that were previously available in the retail stores, they are available online these days.

 The private label brands are different from the regular offline brands. Private label brands are those brands that are developed by a company and are marketed exclusively by them. The apparels are not distributed to other retailers. Sometimes, the private label brands are also called as in-store brands. In contrary to this, the regular apparel brands are available across different store formats including exclusive brand outlet, multi-brand outlet and franchisees. The regular brands may also be available in smaller shops too. The private label brands provide a clear advantage over the regular brands. The clothes are created keeping in mind the lifestyle and design preferences of the Indian consumer. The true differentiation for the private label brands is the confluence of the effects that makes it highly acceptable.The social media is playing an important role in marketing the private label brands to the consumers who have internet connectivity and are willing to buy online.

 The advantages of the private label versus regular brands are as follows.

 1. Quality – The private label brands can offer superior quality at same or even cheaper cost when compared to the regular brands.

2. Price – The pricing is cheaper as the middlemen (the retailers) are eliminated. Shirts made from luxurious Giza cotton are available at price points where the regular brands offer cotton blends or cotton shirts.

3. Availability – Many of the private brands are exclusively available online. The 365 days availability offers consumers unmatched service, at their convenient time, be it day or night.

4. Service – With the availability of cash on delivery as a paying option, consumers can opt for free shipping. In most cases, the orders are delivered in a single day. The private brands offer innovative solution like the smart size selector, which offers virtual fit trial option. In case of exchange, the consumer can easily request for an exchange of the product.

5. Product details – Being an online apparel brand, the companies clearly mention the details including the design, fit & size options which may not be available in the traditional outlets.

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